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Money must
be made

We are born for the communication.

Money must
be made

We are born for the communication.



Progetto per Grafiche Veneziane:

Money Must Be Made* is a collective project by a network of graphic design studios based in Venice, together with the last industrial printing workshop that exists in the center of Venice. The project is in fact a provocation: eight different fake banknotes have been designed, printed and distributed in order to emphasize a real problem, that is, the possibility of creating wealth in Venice by investing in cultural initiatives.

Money Must Be Made is the cry of help from a creative community of graphic designers and publishers that are active in the national and international market and that are unwilling to settle for the stereotypical picture of a stagnant city, prey to an uncontrollable flow of tourism.

Money Must Be Made is an attempt to draw attention to the potential of the Venetian creative community, which has gone unacknowledged for far too long.

Money Must Be Made is an invitation to rediscover Venice as a normal city, active on the market, dynamic despite its intrinsic slowness. It is an attempt to think of a sustainable future that truly puts the cultural industry at the center of the political agenda as a source of wealth, work and employment.

Money Must Be Made is the effort to rethink creative work as one of the founding elements of a community.
* The title has been borrowed from a book by Lorenzo Vitturi, an internationally renowned Venetian photographer. The book was printed in Venice, designed by a graphic studio based in Venice, distributed all over the world.

Production by RecordStudio
ArtDirector: Fabio Mialcih
Regia: Francesco Bonaldo
Operatore Macchina: Francesco Bonaldo
Data Manager: Daniele Zorzetto
Ass. produzione, Planner: Erika Forner
Color Correction: Francesco Bonaldo
Musica: di MusicBed “Make It Out” by Boundary Run (3:41) &
“Nations” by Ryan Taubert (2:38)
Edited in: Premiere Pro con color in Davinci Resolve 16.2.7